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The Corner Cabinet and Roscoe’s Ice Cream

The Corner Cabinet, LLC and Roscoe’s Ice Cream are offering a dinner and dessert special you won’t want to miss out on. Order one of our take-and-bake pizzas on our homemade dough with your choice of toppings and one of Roscoe’s variety bags and have it delivered to you when they run their route!
This is a special we are running in Iberia on Saturday, April 11th and in Iberia, Crocker, and Brumley on Sunday, April 12th. Be sure to follow Roscoe’s Ice Cream Truck on Facebook to stay up to date on delivery times.
We do ask that orders be in by 2 PM Friday, so we can make the pizzas ahead of time. The pizzas come in a disposable baking pan — simply remove the lid, bake, then throw the pan away after dinner! Cleanup doesn’t get any easier. Pizzas are $10.50 (tax included), for extra cheese add $1.00 and for double toppings add $1.25. Roscoe’s Variety Packs are $5, $10, or $20.
To place your order simply visit our menu, send us a Facebook message, or give us a call at 573-723-1533 before 2 PM.
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