About Us

Why “The Corner Cabinet”?

If your kitchen is like ours, you have that one cabinet, probably the corner, that winds up being the catch-all cabinet. You never know what you’ll find in it but it’s sure to have just what you want. That’s what our little store is – a varied yet curated selection of things. Here, you’ll find anything: garden plants, soaps and lotions, deli sandwiches, ice creams, coffee drinks, and so much more.

A Little Bit About Us

Hi, I’m Susan Mitchell and I’d like to share a little bit about my life and why I started The Corner Cabinet, LLC. I was born in Illinois and went to school there until the fifth grade. After my father retired from the Air Force, my family moved to the small town of Iberia, Missouri where I finished school. I actually met Mark, my husband, in school but we weren’t high school sweethearts by any means. When I graduated high school, I left Iberia, as did he. Over the next fifteen or so years, we both went about our own lives. I married and had two wonderful children, Sam and Colton, and he married. Then, in 2010, both of us had our lives completely upended. I suddenly found myself a single mother and he was single again as well. It was at that time I decided to move back to Iberia. In October of that year, we happened to start talking on Facebook, of all things. A few silly jokes back and forth then have turned into a wonderful life together.

In 2012, I opened The Corner Cabinet, LLC in Iberia, MO. It had been a dream of mine to have a little spice and bulk food store for some time and I was so excited to get to make this happen. Mark and I purchased a building in town and remodeled it. It was a bank building, built-in 1939, that had also served as Iberia city hall for some time. It sat vacant for several years before we acquired it.

Original Location of The Corner Cabinet, LLC

We operated at this location until 2016 when we realized we had outgrown the location. We began searching in late 2015, looking at a few locations that we liked at first glance but just could not see as the store. After months of searching, we eventually found the location that became our current store.

Future Home of The Corner Cabinet, LLC

We loved the location but knew it was going to be a lot of work to turn it into a store. It was a house, built around 1910, that had had a lot of living done in it and was showing its age. Upon our initial viewings of it, we actually thought we would have to demolish the house and build a new store from the ground up. After we took possession of the property, we found that the structure was still quite sound, so we were able to save it. We are so happy we were able to do this, as we’ve had so many people come in and tell us stories about the house. It has touched so many people’s lives, we would have hated losing it.

Getting the new location ready to work out of was a multi-step process. We shut down the original store and moved into a small shed at the new location only offering plants and produce, while we cleaned, repaired, and renovated the new store. We worked out of the shed from May 2016 until mid-October of the same year.

Temporary Home Of The Corner Cabinet

Stocking The Shelves For The First Time!

We ran the store with only a few minor changes from October of 2016 until May of 2019. At that time, we finished out the deli

Deli Under Construction

Our son, Colton, ready to help customers

The addition of the deli meant we also started baking our own bread for sandwiches, which quickly expanded into other baked goods. We now offer home-made breads, cookies, sweet rolls, take and bake offerings such as pizza, and so much more.

We continue to seek out new and interesting items to carry in our store and increase our offerings to our customers. Whether it’s live plants in the spring and summer months, fresh local produce in season, other-sourced produce in the off-season, gift ideas, baked goods, or even locally raised and processed pork, we have a little bit of everything and something you’re sure to want.